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Urban Wildlife Conservation Program Evaluation

Welcome to the Urban Wildlife Conservation Program (UWCP) evaluation application. This site has tools and resources to help stations plan, monitor, and evaluate their efforts to achieve the UWCP Standards of Excellence. It is part of meeting the UWCP 110 FW 1 Policy directive to continually evaluate our achievement of objectives and to modify practices to ensure success.

We want to ensure our actions contribute to cultivating an engaged and inspired urban conservation constituency so that together we can leave a legacy of abundant and healthy wildlife and wild lands for future generations to enjoy.

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We are working to cultivate an engaged and inspired urban conservation constituency.

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Urban National Wildlife Refuges

Plan, monitor, and evaluate your refuge's efforts to achieve the Urban Wildlife Conservation Program's Standards of Excellence. Log in or request an account to gain access (available to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees only).

Community Partners

As part of our evaluation efforts we developed a Partner Assessment tool to ensure we maintain strong relationships with community partners and achieve desired goals through our collaborative efforts.

An invitation is required to submit an assessment. Contact your National Urban Wildlife Refuge manager or UWCP leaders to inquire.