Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

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Contact Us

Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge
2312 Quebec Road
Tallulah, Louisiana 71282

Telephone: (318)574-2664
Fax: (318)574-1624
Email: tensasriver@fws.gov



Kelly Purkey, Refuge Manager
Telephone: (318)574-2664 EXT. 101
Fax: (318)574-1624
Email: Kelly_Purkey@fws.gov


Erin Bellavia, Acting Assistant Manager
Telephone: (318)574-2664 EXT. 110
Fax: (318)574-1624
Email: erin_bellavia@fws.gov


Jean Mikeal, Public Use Specialist
Telephone: (318)574-2664 EXT. 103
Fax: (318)574-1624
Email: jean_mikeal@fws.gov


Tina Whitney, Office Manager
Telephone: (318)574-2664 EXT. 106
Fax: (318)574-1624
Email: shirley_whitney@fws.gov


Nathan Renick, Forester
Telephone: (318)574-2664 EXT. 102
Fax: (318)574-1624
Email: nathan_renick@fws.gov


Gerald Davis, Asst. Forester
Telephone: (318)574-2664 EXT. 104
Fax: (318)574-1624
Email: gerald_davis@fws.gov


John Dickson, Biologist
Telephone: (318)574-2664 EXT. 112
Fax: (318)574-1624
Email: John_Dickson@fws.gov


Seth Fisher, Asst. Biologist
Telephone: (318)574-2664 EXT. 111
Fax: (318)574-1624
Email: seth_fisher@fws.gov


Maintenance Shop
Telephone: (318)574-3739
Fax: (318)574-0447
Email: leslie_watson@fws.gov or rod_cobb@fws.gov


Last updated: August 29, 2013