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Partners For Fish and Wildlife

Credit: USFWS

Credit: USFWS

The Partners For Fish and Wildlife program improves and protects fish and wildlife habitats on private lands through alliances between the landowner, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and other organizations.  All land is maintained in private ownership.

Over two-thirds of our nation's land is privately owned and contains some of the most important fish and wildlife habitat in the United States.  The Partners For Wildlife program can help protect fish and wildlife habitat and contribute to the health of the land and the quality of life of the people on it.

Anyone can be a partner: farmers, ranchers, local agencies, private organizations, corporations, government agencies, educational institutions - anyone interested in improving and protecting wildlife habitat.

If your property contains habitat that can be improved for wildlife, assistance is available to help you plan and design a habitat management project.  Activities include restoring wetlands, restoring prairies, and setting aside land to provide food and cover for wildlife.

Southeast Region's Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Last updated: September 17, 2009