Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Calendar of Events

Egrits. Credit: USFWS

Egrets. Credit: USFWS

This calendar is meant to provide visitors with a general guide to seasonal events on Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge.


Annual waterfowl hunt closes. Concentrations of ducks and geese present.  Spectacular flights of ducks seen each evening at Lacassine Pool.  Nutria frequently observed in winter when alligators are less active.


Wood ducks and great blue herons begin nesting. Fulvous whistling-ducks and purple martins return. Wintering waterfowl begin leaving. Alligators appear on warm sunny days.


Refuge fishing season opens on March 15.  Migrating land birds arrive. Shorebirds frequent nearby rice fields.  Black-bellied whistling-ducks arrive.  First broods of mottled and wood ducks appear.  Alligators are seen more frequently. Redbuds, azaleas, and wildflowers begin blooming.


Spring bird migration peaks with arrival of migrants, often occurring immediately after the passage of a cold front.  Shorebirds common in nearby rice fields.


Roseate spoonbills, herons, egrets, and ibises nesting.  Spring migration slows.  Wood ducks continue to use pond near office along with occasional black-bellied whistling-ducks.  Rose mallows and passion flowers begin blooming.  International Migratory Bird Day is celebrated.


Alligators construct nests.  Families of king rails and gallinules are observed.  National Fishing Week is celebrated.


Rail and gallinule families along with young spoonbills, herons, egrets, and ibises are present.  Black-bellied whistling-duck broods appear.  Alligators hatch.


First teal arrive.  Shorebirds become common in nearby rice fields. Migrating land birds arrive.


Refuge teal hunt held.  Fulvous whistling-ducks concentrate prior to migrating.  Land birds and shorebird migration peaks.  Alligator trapping season for refuge trappers.


Refuge fishing season closes on October 15.  Refuge archery deer season open October 1 - 31.  National Wildlife Refuge Week events celebrated the second week of October.  Geese arrive.  Yellow rails seen in rice fields being harvested.  Peregrine falcons, osprey, and black-shouldered kites are occasionally seen.


Waterfowl hunting opens in refuge hunting area.  Ducks and geese increase with large concentrations in Lacassine Pool during the waterfowl hunting season.


Wintering waterfowl population peaks.  Spectacular flights observed with over 250,000 ducks leaving Lacassine Pool to feed each evening.  Nutria observed as alligators become less active.


Last updated: September 17, 2009