Unit Maps and Recreation Information
for the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge


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Recreation Summary and Unit Brochures/Maps:

Units are listed from north to south.
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Recreation Summary Table

Units open to Public Access
(click for link to Map/Brochure)
Hunting Boat or Car Access Hiking Trail Picnic Table Bicycles **
Blackberry   B      
La Barranca X B      
Todd Island X B      
Mooney X* B      
Ohm X* B      
Flynn X B      
Heron Island X B      
Rio Vista X B & C X X X**
Foster Island X B      
Pine Creek X B & C X X X**
Capay X B & C X   X**
Phelan Island X B      
Jacinto X B      
Dead Man's Reach X B      
Ord Bend   C X X  
South Ord X B      
Llano Seco Island 1 X B      
Llano Seco Island 2 X B      
Sul Norte X B & C X X X**
Codora X B & C X   X**
Packer   B & C X   X**
Afton X B      
Drumheller North X B & C X   X**
Drumheller Slough X B & C X   X**
Bogg's Bend X B & C      


* = Mooney and Ohm see brochure for details on special hunting rules
* = Codora - hunting open only to junior hunters, on weekends only. See brochure.
** = Bicycles allowed on trail only from May 15 - August 15


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These areas are natural and wild! You may encounter ticks, mosquitoes, wasps, yellow-jackets, bees, poison oak, stinging nettle, poison hemlock, rattle snakes, wild hogs, and mountain lions.  See the Sacramento River Hunting Regulations and Information page for safety tips while visiting Sacramento River NWR.