Hunt Area Permits, Regulations, and Shoot Times
for Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex

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Hunting is permitted in accordance with all applicable State and Federal regulations and is subject to special regulations. Hunters should consult with CDFW hunting regulations. The open season for each of the following species is concurrent with the seasons established by the State of California: geese, ducks, coots, moorhens, snipe and pheasant. 

*This webpage is specific for Sacramento, Delevan, Colusa and Sutter NWRs*.  Click here to find information about hunting at the Sacramento River NWR



Before You Arrive...purchase all licenses, validations & passes:
Check Stations DO NOT SELL any license items, validations or passes! Hunters must purchase any needed licenses, validations and passes prior to arrival at the Check Station.

Licenses, validations and passes may be obtained from:

  1. CDFW license sales office
  2. license agent
  3. online 

Items you must have:

  • California Hunting License
  • Prepaid Type A Pass (not required for junior hunters) - Type A One-day, Two-day or Season Pass (this is like an entry day-pass)
  • Harvest Information Program (HIP) Validation (if hunting ducks, geese, coots or snipe)
  • California Duck Stamp (not required for junior hunters; not required if only hunting pheasants)
  • Federal Duck Stamp (required for all hunters age 16 or older; not required if only hunting pheasants)
  • Upland Game Bird Stamp (required if hunting pheasants; not required for junior hunters)


Fees And Passes:

Fees and Passes 2022 (prices subject to change...visit CDFW's License page)
Type of Pass (for CA residents) Cost Notes
Type A 1 Day Pass $24.33 Junior hunters do not need this
Type A 2 Day Pass $39.14 Valid for 1 hunter for 2 days or 2 hunters for 1 day
Type A Season Pass $183.34 ~
Reservations $1.34 Per choice
Resident License $54.00 18 and older
Junior Hunter License $14.30 under 16 years of age as of July 1
CA Duck Validation Stamp $34.56 Juniors hunting under the authority of a Junior Hunting License do not need this
Upland Game Bird Validation $21.60 Needed for hunting pheasants
Federal Duck Stamp $25.00 ~


Regulations at Sacramento NWR Complex:

  • Licenses - All hunters must possess a valid California State hunting license, and a HIP Validation. Junior Hunters 16 years of age and older must also possess a signed Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (Duck Stamp).  All adult hunters must possess a California State Duck Stamp, a signed Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (Duck Stamp), and an Upland Game Bird Stamp (if hunting pheasants). See "Before You Arrive" above.
  • Pass required - All adult hunters must purchase a Type A Pass (one-day, two-day, or season) prior to their arrival at the Check Station. Junior hunters do not need to purchase a Type A Pass.
  • Check Station - All hunters must obtain a permit at the check station before entering the hunting area.
  • Ammunition - Approved nontoxic shot is required on all refuges. No shot shell larger than 12 gauge and no shot size larger than T is permitted. Hunters may possess not more than 25 federally approved nontoxic shotgun shells after leaving the parking area. Weapons must be unloaded (no ammunition in the magazine or chamber) when in a vehicle or walking to/from a hunt area.
  • Dogs - In the check station parking area, dogs must be kept in autos or on a leash.
  • Parking - Vehicle parking is allowed only in designated parking areas.
  • Vehicles may stop only at designated, assigned parking areas. The dropping of passengers or equipment or stopping between designated parking areas is prohibited except for designated mobility impaired areas.
  • Littering and Fires - Please take your refuse with you when you leave; littering is unlawful and can be fined. Open fires are prohibited. 
  • Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs -The consumption or possession of an open container of alcohol, within public areas of the refuge, is prohibited. Marijuana and illegal drugs are prohibited.
  • Checkout - All hunters are required to check out at the check station, report hunting results, return their permits, and vacate the refuge no later than 1 1/2 hours after the end of shoot time.  Hunters need not vacate the refuge if participating in overnight stay on Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday nights.
  • Bicycles - Access to the hunt area is by foot only. Bicycles and other conveyances are not permitted. 
  • Injuries and Accidents - Incidents involving injury or accident occurring on the refuge must be reported immediately to the check station or Complex headquarters at (530) 934-2801. 


Special Sacramento NWR Complex Regulations:

  • Spaced Hunting Areas at Sacramento & Delevan:
    Hunters are restricted to within 100 feet of their assigned blind or hunt site except for retrieving downed or crippled birds. Firearms must be unloaded while being transported between parking areas and spaced hunting areas.
  • Free Roam Areas:
    Hunters may use only portable blinds, temporary blinds constructed of natural materials, or existing concrete in-ground blinds. The construction of permanent blinds is prohibited. The cutting/breaking of woody vegetation is prohibited. All portable blinds, decoys, and other personal equipment must be removed from the refuge each day.
  • Upland Game (Pheasants) Special Regulations:
    Pheasant hunting is permitted during the pheasant season on waterfowl shoot days only. Shooting hours for pheasants are 8:00 a.m. to sunset. Approved nontoxic shot is required for hunting pheasants. Pheasant hunting is not permitted in the spaced hunting areas (Blinds/Assigned Ponds), except for a special one-day hunt (the first Monday of pheasant season) on Sacramento, Delevan and Colusa NWRs.
  • Turkey Special Regulations:
    Hunting of fall turkey is permitted during the turkey season on waterfowl shoot days only. Approved nontoxic shot is required for hunting turkeys. Turkey hunting is not permitted in the spaced hunting areas (Blinds/Assigned Ponds).


Bag Limits, Shoot Times, and Other Regulations: