Environmental Education Programs
at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex

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NOTE: Given staff and volunteer capacity, programs for the 2024-2025 academic year will be self-guided (teacher/instructor-led) only, with materials (loaner binoculars, bird guides, etc.) and lesson plans provided by Visitor Services staff and volunteers, if requested and available.

The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex offers free self-guided or staff-led (when staffing allows) educational opportunities for all ages at Sacramento and Colusa NWRs. Please contact the Complex to discuss options regarding special accommodations or tailoring a program for your educational group (college, adults, scouts, etc.).

If staff-led programs are available: The Complex can have up to 2 naturalists available to lead activities during the week. Each Complex-led program has a maximum of 35 students per group unless you contact the Complex prior to arrival. Many large groups need to be split into 3 smaller groups due to their size. In this case, please plan to rotate through activities and have a group leader to lead each activity. We recommend a maximum of 70 students per trip and having a 10:1 student to adult ratio. This allows the students to have the best experience possible.


APRIL 2024: We are currently in the process of revising and updating our programs. Please check back in later in the summer to see what's available. We anticipate having our program list ready to go before August 10 when program/field trip reservations open for the school year. 

Sacramento NWRC Educational Program Details

APRIL 2024: Stay tuned, more information to come as the summer progresses!