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Name Congressional District
The data layer consists of digital information input by the Census Bureau depicting the boundaries of the Congressional Districts. This may vary by Congress, as there could be redistricting changes every two years. 
The 2017 TIGER/Line Shapefiles are available for download at The 2017 TIGER/Line metadata in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format is included with each compressed TIGER/Line Shapefile.
Historical Data For information on past versions of this standard, contact the Chief Data Officer

Part 270, FW 6, Data Management and Standards, has been superceded by Part 274, FW 2, Establishing Service Data Standards.

The organizational structure of Nation- and state-based shapefiles, including current and previous Congressional Districts, is described at

The National Map of the United States provides printable maps, boundaries, and a map layer of the congressional district boundaries. Descriptive information includes the full name and party affiliation of the congressional representative elected from each district and the congressional district number. This map layer is the only congressional district information that can be viewed online with the National Atlas Map Maker; however, historical congressional district map layers for previous Congresses are also available for download from the National Atlas web site.

Use Instructions
As of the approval date, this data standard will be used whenever Congressional District spatial data are required for an application. This data standard also needs to be used in conjunction with the Congressional District Data Element Standard, which can be viewed at this site

Service staff are strongly encouraged to utilize this data layer in existing systems, data sets, databases, and information applications. Where existing systems and data-related items are not in compliance, they should be modified to achieve compatibility and implement this data standard.

Phase Adopted
Approval Date July 13, 1999
Validation Date November 29, 2013
Data Steward Chief Data Officer


Last updated: May 9, 2019