Information Resources and Technology Management

Metadata Tools and Training


Metadata Creation Tools

EPA Metadata Editor (EME) The EME is a simple geospatial metadata editor that allows users to create and edit records that meet EPA and Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) metadata requirements.

Metadata Formatting and Reviewing Tools

USGS Geospatial Metadata Validation Service This service checks your FGDC-compatible geospatial metadata record using mp (metadata parser). Provide a metadata record that is formatted as XML, SGML or indented text. Results will show discrepancies between the structure of your metadata record and the expectation of the FGDC metadata standard.

Metadata Parser (MP) After running the metadata record through the CNS pre-parser, use this tool to check for technical errors. Once the record is error free, you can use this tool to publish your metadata in several formats (text, html, xml, or sgml).

Metadata Training

If you are interested in metadata training, please go to the FGDC’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure’s training site.


Last updated: February 7, 2013