Shorebird Sister Schools Program
Conserving the Nature of America

World Shorebirds Day

Global Shorebird Counting to celebrate World Shorebirds Day, held each year on the weekend nearest September 6th and each year seeks to raise awareness about the conservation of this group of birds and their habitats. Shorebirds counts conducted yearly are a simple part for the security of their populations and the protection of their environments, it also helps the less experienced bird watchers to expand their skills and grow the global number of people directing bird observations.


The Global Shorebird Counting program is one of the major events of the World Shorebirds Day, an effort to advance mindfulness about the significance of regular bird monitoring/counting as the essential component of security of bird populations and habitat conservation.
The World Shorebirds Day was shaped with the following goals:

  • To advance community mindfulness about the need to safeguard shorebirds and their homes throughout their life cycles;
  • To advance community mindfulness about the need for constant shorebird study;
  • To link people with shorebirds through key shorebird places around the globe;
  • To get shorebird supporters to present shorebirds to more birders;
  • To increase mindfulness about the essential for increased capital for shorebird study, observing and management.