Shorebird Sister Schools Program
Conserving the Nature of America
Mission & Objectives

What is the mission of the Shorebird Sister Schools Program?

The Shorebird Sister Schools Program (SSSP) encourages public participation in the conservation of shorebirds and their habitats by connecting people along flyways and increasing their awareness and knowledge of local natural resources to inspire community conservation.

The Goals of the Program are to:

Share shorebird biology information and learning materials with others, linking people and communities along shorebird migratory flyways.
Provide opportunities for students to learn about endangered, threatened and vulnerable species and their habitats in their local area.
Identify key shorebird areas and work with local partners to increase community awareness and knowledge of local natural resources.
Facilitate the development of collaborative habitat conservation projects involving local community organizations, youth groups, and land management agencies.

Last updated: January 24, 2017