Ecological Services
Southwest Region

Texas Coastal Program

The Coastal Program complements these Department of Interior priorities:

  • brown pelican Cooperative Conservation
  • Cooperate to achieve conservation is what we do!
  • Ocean and Coastal Frontiers
  • Ocean and Coastal Conservation and Resource Management
  • Birds Forever
  • Conserving migratory bird habitat and working with the Gulf Coast Joint Venture
  • Gulf of Mexico Alliance
  • Addressing the Governor’s priority issue of wetland and coastal conservation and restoration.
  • Strategic Habitat Conservation Planning
  • Regional Coastal Strategic Plan completed 2006
  • National Fish Habitat Action Plan
  • Delivering fishery habitat restoration
  • Connecting People with Nature
  • Supporting outreach, education and volunteerism
  two youth watch incoming ducks for a hunt
  Photo credit: USFWS
Last updated: June 23, 2015