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SJRRIP Environmental Flows Workshop #2 (sub-group meeting)

Meeting Summary

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Outline

Meeting Handout

Workshop Presentations

Flow Recs Historical Perspective (Lamarra)

Flow response of SJR fishes (Gido)

Larval fish data and discharge perspective (Farrington)

SJRIP e-flows Water Temp (Miller Dec 2015)

SJRIP e-flows workshop #2 workgrp meeting (Behery_Dec2015)

SJRIP e-flows workshop #2 workgrp meeting overview (Durst)

Background Materials List

Bassett (2015) San Juan River Historical Ecology Assessment (Riparian Vegetation).pdf

Behery 2015 SJRIP Navajo Operations and Modeling.pdf

Bliesner et al. (2008) Hydrology, Geomorphology and Habitat Studies.pdf

Bliesner et al. (2009) Detailed Reach Study.pdf

Durst and Franssen (2014) Movement and Growth of Colorado Pikeminnow.pdf

Farrington et al. (2015) Colorado Pikeminnow and Razorback Sucker larval fish survey 2014.pdf

Flow workshop 1 (2015) meeting notes and summary.pdf

Franssen et al. (2014) Long-term dynamics of large-bodied fishes.pdf

Franssen et al. (2015) Fish and channel complexity.pdf

Gido and Propst (2012) Flow regime\ effects on native and nonnative small-bodied fishes.pdf

Habitat workshop (2012) meeting summary.pdf

Holden (1999) San Juan River Flow Recommendations.pdf

Keller et al. (2014) Effects of flooding and tamarisk removal on habitat in the San Rafael River.pdf

LaGory 2014 Study plan idendity peak flows upper basin.pdf

Lamarra and Lamarra (2013) SJR Habitat Monitoring 2012.pdf

Miller (2006) Standardized Monitoring Program Integration.pdf

Miller and Swaim (2015) SJR Temperature Monitoring.pdf

Schleicher (2015) Long-term Monitoring of sub-adult and adult fishes.pdf

Zeigler and Ruhl (2015) Small-bodied fish monitoring.pdf


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