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2015 San Juan River Environmental Flows Workshop 1

USFWS NM Ecological Services Field Office
Albuquerque, NM
12-13 February 2015

Workshop Agenda

  1. Modeling Analysis of Navajo Reservoir Operations (Behery January 2015)

  2. Proposed Modification of Available Water Calculation for Determining Spring Peak Releases on the San Juan River (Reclamation/Service Sept. 9, 2014)

  3. Draft memo recommending Operating Rules change BC to CC (May 16 2007)

  4. Memo regarding New Op Rules Model Runs Keller-Bliesner to Hydrology Committee (Oct 9 2006)

  5. SJR Draft Final Integration Report (Miller 2005)

  6. SJR Flow Recommendations (Holden 1999)

  7. Gen2 and Gen3 model run flow statistics spreadsheet (Run_Comparisons_G3.xls)

  8. Information relevant to the Flaming Gorge process

  9. SWCA Summary Report of SJRRIP Habitat-Flow Monitoring Workshop (Feb 8 2012)

  10. KB Response to Revision of Available Water Calcuation (January 2015)

San Juan River Environmental Flows Workshop 1 Executive Summary and Notes


Navajo Operations and Modeling

Background on 1999 Flow Recommendations for the San Juan River

Flaming Gorge Dam Experimental Releases


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