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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Science Applications Program is helping to develop the science the conservation community needs to address the complexities of modern-day landscape ecology and the uncertainty of changing climate conditions.

We do so in several ways. We develop science projects through three Southwest Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (Desert, Great Plains, and Gulf Coast Prairie), often in partnership with Climate Science Centers. We also decide on research projects that the U.S. Geological Survey conducts on our behalf. When possible, we also fund research that other U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service programs wish to pursue in support of their specific conservation efforts.

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Work in progress! We’re in the process of building a one-stop-shop-resource of all the science the Science Applications program is developing. Some projects are featured here now, but please check back regularly, as we are continually adding more information.




Photo of tall grassland prairie in OK
Mapping vegetation in Oklahoma
Gulf Coast Prairie LCC
Photo of a green jay
Photo Credit: Rich Kostecke/TNC
Restoring Rio Grande Valley migration corridors
Gulf Coast Prairie LCC
Photo of whooping cranes in flight
Photo Credit: USFWS
Studying the effects of sea level rise in coastal Texas
Gulf Coast Prairie LCC
Photo of a brood of mottled ducks
Photo Credit: LDFW/Ruth Elsey
Conserving the mottled duck in Louisiana and Texas
Gulf Coast Prairie LCC
Photo of a mottled duck in flight
Photo Credit: LDFW/Ruth Elsey
Improving conservation planning in the south-central United States
Gulf Coast Prairie LCC
Photo of the Edwards Plateau
Photo Credit: Julie Groce/Texas A&M
Protecting the ecology of Texas’ Edwards Plateau
Gulf Coast Prairie LCC
Photo of a northern bobwhite quail
Photo Credit: TPWD
Assessing habitat fragmentation in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas
Gulf Coast Prairie LCC
Photo of coastal marsh lands
Photo Credit: Ducks Unlimited
Delineating marsh habitats along the north-central Gulf of Mexico Coast
Gulf Coast Prairie LCC
Photo of marsh lands on the Guld of Mexico
Photo Credit: Ducks Unlimited
Developing data on submersed aquatic vegetation in the Gulf of Mexico
Gulf Coast Prairie LCC




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