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Division of Water Resources Staff --- Contact Info and Areas of Responsibilities:

Chief: Andrew Hautzinger

Responsible for the day to day management of the Division, Supervising a staff of six hydrologists.  Provides support to AZ refuges (minus the Buenos Aires, Leslie Canyon, and San Bernardino refuges)

email: andrew_hautzinger@fws.gov, (505) 248-7946 (wk), (505) 362-2821 (cell)

Project Hydrologist: Vacant

WR lead for NM refuges, South Texas Refuge Complex and Leslie Creek/ San Bernadino (AZ) refuges

email: @fws.gov, (505) 248-7958 (wk), (505) 274-5049 (cell)

Project Hydrologist: Peter Burck

WR lead for OK refuges (minus Little River), and Texas refuges (excluding the South Texas Refuge Complex, Caddo Lake, Hagerman, Little Sandy, and Neches River)

email: peter_burck@fws.gov, (505) 248-7961 (wk), (505) 553-3199 (cell)

Project Hydrologist: Joaquin Baca

WR lead for AZ; Havasu and Buenos Aires. NM; Rio Mora. OK; Little River. TX; Little Sandy, Caddo Lake, Hagerman, and Neches. Legal extern program coordinator.

email: joaquin_baca@fws.gov, (505) 248-6622

Gaging Program Hydrologist: Darrell Kundargi

WR lead for Division's Data Acquisition Program, including field-based (e.g., gaging) and office-based (e.g., database maintenance) responsibilities for the entire Region.

email: darrell_kundargi@fws.gov, (505) 248-6430 (wk), (505) 362-3075 (cell)

Hydrologist: Vacant

email: @fws.gov, (505) 248-6834

Hydrologist: Quantina Martine

email: quantina_martine@fws.gov, (505) 248-6421


Last updated: October 2, 2018