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Phantom Cat of the Chaparral: Endangered Ocelot

This 30 minute documentary highlights the important research and partnerships in place to ensure the recovery of the endangered ocelot. Biologists and landowners talk about tracking the cats, protecting and restoring ocelot habitat, the importance of partnerships, and what the public can do to help in the recovery of the species. The range of this small wild cat once extended from Mexico up into the southern states, including Texas, Arizona, Arkansas and Louisiana. Today there are an estimated 50 ocelots that remain in the United States, including a breeding population found in South Texas on the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.

This documentary is an especially important tool for educators looking for materials that emphasize biology and endangered species. For all other viewers, it provides rare footage of ocelots and tells the important story of what is being done on behalf of America's little leopard.

Thank you to Richard Moore of Richard Moore Outdoors for creating this important and unique documentary and letting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service share it with you. And thanks to the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute for their important contributions to ocelot recovery and to the many private landowners whose critical work on private lands has helped keep ocelots on the Texas landscape.


Last updated: August 29, 2013