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  Blue-winged Teal with Common Galinule courtesy of Steve Hillebrand

The South Texas Refuge Complex

Welcome! The complex includes the Laguna Atascosa, Lower Rio Grande Valley and Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuges. These three refuges are found on the most southern tip of Texas where the Rio Grande meets the Gulf of Mexico.

Combined, they include approximately 180,000 acres and provide important habitat for the many species that rest, nest, feed and live here. Many of these species can only be found in deep South Texas, including the highly endangered ocelot and several types of birds that draw wildlife watchers from around the world.

Here, the public has countless opportunities to learn about and enjoy nature on their National Wildlife Refuges!

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Santa Ana NWR

Laguna Atascosa NWR

Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR


Last updated: October 17, 2013