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Common Nighthawk.  Photo taken by Tana Beus. (Modified final image)
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The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service greatly appreciates Volunteers. In the previous year, 45,000 volunteers donated more than 1,400,000 hours to the agency.

San Andres National Wildlife Refuge is unable to provide resident accommodations for seasonal volunteers at this time, but the Refuge is always interested in finding good volunteers that can provide their own arrangements. Volunteer skills that are occasionally needed include carpentry, electrical, building construction (stucco), etc. Other specialized skills that would contribute to our programs would be knowledge in GIS applications, botany, computer program applications (Microsoft Excel, scanning software, etc.), photography, herpetology, environmental education and outreach. The Refuge also utilizes graduate students from New Mexico State University in field studies for wildlife/vegetation monitoring, etc.

If you possess skills in any of the above areas and are interested in volunteering at San Andres National Wildlife Refuge, please contact us. Your volunteered skills and time would enhance one of America's national treasures for generations to come!

Refuge volunteer recording bird banding data.  Photo taken by Refuge Wildlife Biologist, M. Weisenberger.
Fish and Wildlife Service Outreach Educational Mobile Trailer.  Photo taken by Refuge Volunteer, Guy Powers.