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San Andres National Wildlife Refuge
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San Andres National Wildlife Refuge Outreach
Refuge office staff conduct public outreach programs in order to provide information
to local communities. Outreach activities include setting up displays at County Fairs, providing programs to local schools and interest groups in the area, and scheduling periodic educational and scientific group tours of the Refuge. The Refuge also has a limited volunteer program. For more information about outreach activities and/or volunteering, please contact the Refuge office.
2009 Pollinator Poser. Hard-working animals pollinate over 75% of flowering plants, and nearly 75% of our crops. Most plants produce fruits and seeds from pollination.
Pollination poster. Highlighting pollinator species and the benefits they provide us. Poster image is courtesy of the Pollinator Partnership ©.
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  Chihuahuan Desert Plant Database North American Mammals
The largest wildlife refuge in the system is Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. This 19.2 million acre Refuge is in extreme contrast to the system's smallest National Wildlife Refuge, Mille Lacs, which is .57 acres total. Mille Lacs National Wildlife Refuge in north-central Minnesota is comprised of two small islands over a mile from the shore of Lake Mille Lacs.
Educational Card on Pocket Guide To Animal Tracks. Courtesy of Voss Signs (Copyright).
President Roosevelt postcard. Credit: USFWS
Junior Duck Stamp Display. Photo Credit:  USFWS
Public display in the New Mexico Refuge's mobile educational trailer. Exhibit theme highlighting Pollinators. Photo Credit: L. Hardin, USFWS
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Last updated: January 9, 2014
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