Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery
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Species Recovery

Razorback Suckers and Bonytail Chub

The hatchery raises the endangered razorback suckers and bonytail chub for the Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program. The hatchery has a commitment to the Bureau of Reclamation to produce a specific number of fish each year to be stocked into Lake Mohave and the Lower Colorado River. The Bureau of Reclamation also supports the hatchery personnel by assisting with native fish larval collections, tagging and releasing of hatchery-reared fish.

Relict Leopard Frog

The hatchery staff works with the Relict Leopard Frog conservation Team to help preserve frog populations in isolated habitats in Lake Mead and into the Black Canyon area below Hoover Dam. The hatchery raises tadpoles to the frog morphing stage for release in areas where new populations may be developed.


Deterring the Birds

Birds serve as vectors for disease transmission to all the hatchery fish by transporting fish pathogens into fish rearing water systems. To deter bird predation, the hatchery’s outside raceways are covered by fencing and bird netting. Extreme sunlight degrades the bird netting covering over the raceways, resulting in torn netting allowing birds to enter the raceways. Hatchery staff routinely replace the netting to protect the raceways.

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Last updated: December 10, 2014