Uvalde National Fish Hatchery
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Environmental Education

anthom elementary visit
Anthom elementary visit to the hatchery. Credit: USFWS
bald cypress tree
Bald Cypress tree at the hatchery. Credit: USFWS
birds and sunset
Birds flying over the hatchery at sunset. Credit: USFWS
blue bonnets and sign
Recovery sign with blue bonnets. Credit: USFWS
rainbow over the hatchery
Rainbow over the hatchery. Credit: USFWS
st philips elementary visit
St. Philips Elementary visit. Credit: USFWS
sunset at the hatchery
Sunset over the ponds. Credit: USFWS
swan at the wildlife pond
Swan at the wildlife pond. Credit: USFWS
visitors at the display pond
Visitors around the display pond. Credit: USFWS
Career day
Career day. Credit: USFWS
Dalton elementary
Dalton Elementary visit. Credit: USFWS
family sunset
Family sunset on hatchery. Credit: USFWS
fishing derby
Fishing derby participants. Credit: USFWS

Hatchery pond. Credit: USFWS
hatchery pond
National Night Out 2010. Credit: USFWS
old settlers reunion
Old Settlers Reunion. Credit: USFWS
St. Philips elementary
St. Philips tour of the hatchery. Credit: USFWS
sunset at the hatchery
Sunset over ponds. Credit: USFWS

Outdoor Classroom

A new hiking trail and outdoor classroom is under construction at the hatchery. The hiking trail follows the existing wildlife pond and connects to several bird viewing platforms and gazebos. Planned outdoor classroom activities include; Biologist in Training, Wildlife Pond macroinvertabrate studies, Birding and other activities. Please contact the hatchery for more information.

Biologist in Training Logo

Biologist in Training (BiT)

Welcome to the Biologist-in-Training Program! This exciting program is designed to guide students through a fun, hands-on exploration of aquatic habitats.

The BiT activity booklet includes five fun, interactive activities that will help students gain the skills needed to be good biologists and discover why it’s important to care for our precious aquatic resources. Once students complete all five activities they are eligible to receive an official Biologist-in-Training certificate and patch or sticker!


Hatchery Events

National Fishing and Boating Week (first full week of June)

Annual Fishing Derby

Let’s go fishing! This is a statement most children love to hear. The thought of going out to a body of water, putting something squishy on a hook and throwing the line into the water with the expectation of catching something is very intriguing to them.

The focus of this event is to stir the interest of the young and the young at heart. As the years have passed word has spread of how much fun the event is and the organizing, setting up, and gathering of donations to prepare for the event has become easier. Although the preparation for the event is a huge undertaking the rewards are multiplied many times over. Seeing the wonder and joy of our young participants and hearing a simple “thank you” or “we had so much fun” makes this event meaningful to us.

  • The event is always free and open to children ages 5-13.
  • The time of the event is from 8 am to 12 pm.
  • One adult per two children required.
  • Free soda, water, hot dogs and chips.
  • Bring your own rod, tackle, bait, and cooler (if keeping fish).
  • Suggested bait is worms or liver - no live bait.
  • Anglers may take home their catch! (limits to be determined annually).
  • Don't forget your sunscreen!

The Hatchery plans to continue this event annually to give our young ones a day of fishing to look forward to.


Community Events

The Uvalde National Fish Hatchery also participates in community events outside the hatchery. Events we have participated in previously are listed below (participation is not guaranteed every year).

  • Texas Hunting & Outdoor classic
  • National Night Out
  • Cowboy Symposium
  • Hunters Roundup
  • Maverick County Junior Livestock Show
  • North Getty Block Party
  • Oasis Outback Outdoor Expo
  • Texas Expo

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Last updated: December 10, 2014