Tishomingo National Fish Hatchery
Southwest Region

Species on Station

The hatchery works with the imperiled paddlefish, alligator gar, and alligator snapping turtle and raises channel catfish for recreational fishing on Native American lands, National Wildlife Refuges, and military bases. In addition to these large species hatchery biologists have developed ways to raise two small fish species that are threatened by human-caused habitat changes. If it becomes necessary to rear Arkansas River shiners and leopard darters in captivity, the hatchery will be ready for them.

Species at Tishomingo National Fish Hatchery
Common Name Scientific Name Held for
Paddlefish Polyodon spathula Restoration
Alligator gar Atractosteus spatula Restoration
Arkansas River shiner Notropis girardi Threatened
Channel darter Percina copelandi Research
Logperch Percina caprodes Research
Peppered chub Machrybopsis tetranema Research
Channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus Sportfish
Leopard darter* Percina pantherina Threatened
Alligator snapping turtle Macrochelys temminckii Restoration
* Hatchery serves as emergency refugia, species is not currently on station

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Last updated: December 10, 2014