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Volunteers & Friends


"Our volunteers are individuals who want to give back to their communities, parents who want to be good stewards of the land and set examples for their children, retired people willing to share their wealth of knowledge, concerned citizens of all ages who want to learn more about conservation, and passionate people who enjoy the outdoors and want to spread the word about America's greatest natural treasures."

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Volunteer Tasks

The tasks that volunteers perform at the San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center are extremely diverse in nature depending on the time of the year, assignment priorities, and the skills and abilities of the individual volunteer. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed at the hatcheries. A person can volunteer as little or as much of their time as they choose.

Volunteer tasks can include grounds and building maintenance, cleaning, basic fish culture (feeding and cleaning), inventorying, gardening Texas wild rice and other aquatic plants, running errands, taking photos and videos, handling fish and salamanders, feeding fish and salamanders, handling collecting water quality data, participating in outreach activities, assisting staff with various scientific studies.

National Fisheries Friends Partnership

"Fisheries Friends Groups are non-profit organizations that work in partnership with the Service at National Fish Hatcheries, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Offices and Fish Health and Fish Technology Centers. The NFFP will provide a citizen voice and volunteer assistance with the protection and conservation of national aquatic resources for the benefit of present and future generations at Fisheries Program field stations."

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Last updated: December 31, 2015