San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center
Southwest Region

Species on Station

The Center maintains refugium for four federally-endangered and two threatened species: Texas wild-rice, Texas blind salamanders, fountain darters, Comal Springs riffle beetles, San Marcos salamanders and the Devils River minnow.

The Center also works with the endangered Comal Springs dryopid beetle, Peck's cave amphipod, and the Barton Springs salamander.

Increased pressure on the Edwards Aquifer from area growth and development, increased water use, natural phenomena such as drought, and the introduction of many invasive plants and animals has seriously affected many of the species now studied at the Center.

Species at the San Marcos Aquatic Resource Center
Common Name Scientific Name Held for
Devils River minnow Dionda diaboli Threatened
Fountain darter Etheostoma fonticola Endangered
Barton Springs salamander Eurycea sosorum Endangered
Comal Springs salamander Eurycea neotenes Endangered
San Marcos salamander Eurycea nana Threatened
Texas blind salamander Eurycea rathbuni Endangered
American willow Justicia americana Restoration
Arrowhead Sagittaria platyphylla Restoration
Texas wild rice Zizania texana Endangered
Water clover Marsilea sp. Restoration
Water pennywort Hydrocotyle umbellate Restoration
Water primrose Ludwigia repens Restoration
Yellow stargrass Heteranthera dubia Restoration
Balcones Elimia Elimia comalensis Candidate
Golden Orb Quadrula Aurea Candidate
Phantom Lake cave snail Cochliopa texana Candidate
Phantom Spring tryonia Tryonia cheatumi Candidate
Smooth pimpleback Quadrula houstonensis Candidate
Texas Fatmucket mussel Lampsilis Bracteata Threatened
Texas fawnsfoot Truncilla macrodon Candidate
Texas pimpleback Quadrula petrina Candidate
Peck's cave amphipod Stygobromus pecki Endangered
Comal Springs dryopid beetle Heterelmis comalensis Endangered
Comal Springs riffle beetle Heterelmis comalensis Endangered

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Last updated: December 31, 2015