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Southwest Region

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Mailing address:
San Marcos NFH/TC
500 East McCarty Lane
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Phone: (512) 353-0011
Fax: (512) 353-0856

Monday through Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday - Closed
Federal Holidays - Closed

For directions to the hatchery and an area map, go to our Visitor Information page.

Our Staff

Kenneth G. Ostrand, Ph.D., Center Director

Expertise: Aquatic ecology and fisheries science. Dr. Ostrand’s research integrates the fields of physiology (e.g. bioenergetics, osmoregulatory, reproductive, and stress related biochemical processes), behavior (e.g. migration, microhabitat use, inter-and intra-specific competition), and ecology (e.g. alternate life history strategies, population dynamics, community interactions) linking basic science to applied questions.

Marta Estrada, Administrative Officer

Expertise: Provides administrative assistance with personnel, timekeeping, facility record keeping, budget management, procurement, and travel related actions in support the SMARC mission.

Lisa Griego-Lyon, Administrative Technician

Expertise: Provides assistance with budget management, procurement of supplies and other clerical duties to support the SMARC mission.

Jeffery T. Hutchinson, Ph.D., Botanist

Expertise: Conservation and ecology of native aquatic and riparian plants, habitat restoration, and non-native plant control methods using integrated pest management. His research is focused on maintaining refugia of Texas wild rice ex-situ using various culture methods. Other research areas include long-term monitoring of Texas wild rice and non-native aquatic plant populations on the San Marcos River and other river systems within the Edward’s Plateau, applied management for control of aquatic and riparian non-native plants on listed plants, and native plant propagation to supplement restoration of disturbed habitats.

Randy Gibson, M.S., Fish Biologist

Expertise: Invertebrate zoology and aquatic biology.  Mr. Gibson’s research background is primarily on invertebrate communities of springs in east, central, and west Texas and threatened and endangered species of the Edwards Aquifer (e.g. Devils River minnow, Comal Springs riffle beetle, Comal Springs dryopid beetle, and Peck’s cave amphipod).  He is currently working on captive breeding strategies for these listed species and working with others to learn more about the rare and relatively unknown spring and cave invertebrates of Texas.

Leah Murray, B.S., Botanist

Expertise: Native Seed Collection and Storage. Leah has worked as a botanist and seed collector for Seeds of Success, Project Baseline, and the Conservation and Lang Management Program through Chicago Botanic Gardens. She is working to create and seed bank and herbaria of the flora of the San Marcos River. Her research efforts include developing a management protocol for Texas Wild Rice, as well as working with other federally listed species in the Central Texas Region.

Justin Crow, M.S., Fish Biologist

Expertise: Marine and freshwater biology and aquaculture systems. Justin has experience in the husbandry of fish and aquatic salamanders, the construction and maintenance of aquaculture systems and research focusing on environmental factors that affect aquatic animal physiology. He is currently working on captive breeding techniques for several federally listed spring and cave invertebrates found throughout Texas.

Jacob Stagg, M.S., Fish Biologist

Expertise: Endangered species propagation and reintroduction. Mr. Stagg's research background includes fish physiology, evolutionary changes to predation, and evaluation of stocking success. His current research efforts include developing a captive propagation manuals for aquatic species dependent upon the Edwards Aquifer.

Morgan Brizendine, M.S., Fish Biologist 

Expertise: Fisheries science. Morgan has experience in aquaculture and endangered species propagation. Her research background includes the use of ultrasonic imaging to identify eggs in endangered fish. She is currently developing new propagation techniques for aquatic invertebrates found in Texas, including the Comal Springs riffle beetle and the Peck’s cave amphipod.

Josh Abel, B.S., Biological Science Technician

Expertise: Aquatic biology and ecotoxicology. Josh has experience researching the effects of pesticides and heavy metals on aquatic ecosystems, and pest management strategies on commercial shellfish operations. His current research efforts include developing a captive breeding strategy for Devil’s River minnows, as well as working with other federally listed fish species native to Central Texas.

Juan Martinez, Maintenance Worker

Expertise: Construction and maintenance specialist with an emphasis on project management, quality control inspections and OSHA regulations. His technical background covers utility maintenance and new construction, installation of new equipment and maintenance of existing equipment and infrastructure. He also maintains and operates all material handling equipment, government owned vehicles, agriculture and grounds equipment.

Andrew Vandewarker, Maintenance Worker

Expertise: Maintenance and repair specialist with experience in the operation, maintenance and repair of mechanical and structural systems. He assists with the installation of new equipment and maintenance of existing equipment and infrastructure.

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Last updated: July 13, 2016