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Partnerships are essential for effective fisheries conservation. Many agencies, organizations, and private individuals are involved in fisheries conservation and management, but no one can do it alone. Together, these partners and stakeholders combine efforts and expertise to tackle challenges facing fisheries conservation. Enhancing partnerships will enable the Program to leverage funding, identify strategies that can be embraced by a variety of interested citizens and groups, and create an environment of cooperation, consultation, and communication to conserve the Southwest Region’s aquatic resources.


What matters in the end are performance, results, and following through to completion on commitments made. By measuring our performance, setting targets, and reporting on results, the Southwest Region Fisheries Program seeks to establish a record of accountability and to truly integrate program performance and budgets. We implement in letter and in spirit the Government Performance and Results Act, which mandates that federal programs pursue long-term and annual performance goals, and have appropriate performance measures in place to track progress.

Vegetation in the San Marcos River
Revegetation creates habitat for fish and
invertebrates in the San Marcos River

About the Photo:

Making a Difference – Restoring the San Marcos River

In March 2008, staff from the San Marcos NFHTC and Baylor University planted 138 yellow stargrass and 258 arrowhead plants in a section of the San Marcos River previously occupied by invasive water trumpet. By March 2009, the plants that survived had flourished and multiplied, creating valuable fish and invertebrate habitat. This restoration project was made possible by the removal of 2000 square meters of invasive water trumpet dredged from the river in 2005 and 2006. Future research on dredging and replanting techniques will likely improve success rates of reestablishing native habitat in the San Marcos River.

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Last updated: December 10, 2014