Oklahoma Fish & Wildlife Conservation Office
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National Fish Passage Program

The National Fish Passage Program (NFPP) is a voluntary, non-regulatory effort that provides financial and technical assistance to remove or bypass artificial barriers that impede the movement of fish and contribute to their decline.

The inability of fish to move freely through their historical habitat is a major cause for decline in several species. The OKFWCO works with private industry and other government agencies at all levels, including tribal governments, to modify or remove barriers to fish passage.

Glover River at Old Highway 98

Oklahoma Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office, in collaboration with the McCurtain County Commission District #2 and Tulsa Ecological Services Field Office is working to remove a barrier that is located two miles west of Glover, Oklahoma. This low water crossing was considered a critical impediment to the movement of Leopard darter as well as other fish species. OKFWCO provided a $28,000 cost share grant to help with the removal of the low water crossing. Removal of this barrier will open an additional 26 river miles of critical habitat to the leopard darter. Removal of this structure is expected to begin in FY12 or FY13.

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Last updated: December 12, 2014