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Male Gila trout that danced with Wiese on his lineOttine Dam Removal Will Benefit Fish and Wildlife in San Marcos River

The much anticipated removal of Ottine Dam is here.

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The Oklahoma Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office is located in south-central region of the state near Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

The office is co-located at the Tishomingo National Fish Hatchery beside Pennington Creek, the water supply for the hatchery. The facilities are located 10 miles northwest of Tishomingo, Oklahoma, on State highway 7 near the small community of Reagan. Office space, garage facilities, and an equipment storage area are provided by the hatchery.

The Oklahoma FWCO collaborates with other agencies and organizations to monitor the health of Oklahoma's aquatic ecosystems, protect and restore populations of threatened and endangered species, and eradicate or control invasive species across the state.


Oklahoma Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office (OKFWCO) was established in 1992. Primary station missions include: restoration of threatened and endangered species, fishery management assistance to federal lands, and to coordinate National Fish Hatchery operations in the Arkansas-Red River Ecosystem (ARRES). The legislative authorities under which we work include: FISH & WILDLIFE ACT OF 1956, FISH & WILDLIFE COORDINATION ACT.

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Last updated: December 12, 2014