New Mexico Fish & Wildlife Conservation Office
Southwest Region


Photo of service member holding a channel catfish
Channel catfish at the San Juan River. Credit: USFWS
Photo of service member electrofishing off a boat
Electrofishing. Credit: USFWS
Photo of service members seining a pool
Seining a pool. Credit: USFWS
Photo of student with NM Fish and Game partner at the NFIC release
NFIC cutthroat trout release in Taos, NM. Credit: USFWS
Photo of the sign at the NFIC release
Sign at the NFIC cutthroat trout release. Credit: USFWS
Photo of Sara Blocker setting up tank at Valle Vista Elementary for NFIC
Sara Blocker setting up tank at Valle Vista. Credit: USFWS
"Our volunteers are individuals who want to give back to their communities, parents who want to be good stewards of the land and set examples for their children, retired people willing to share their wealth of knowledge, concerned citizens of all ages who want to learn more about conservation, and passionate people who enjoy the outdoors and want to spread the word about America's greatest natural treasures."

Learn more about volunteering with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service at

Volunteer Tasks

Volunteers play a vital role in much of the work accomplished by Fish & Wildlife Service offices throughout the country. These volunteers support us by donating thousands of hours in various activities that benefit natural resources in a number of ways. Volunteers are welcome to join fishery staff for field work. Duties may include assisting biologists with the collection of fish and creel survey data, as well as aquatic habitat and water quality inventory and assessment. Other duties may include assisting with renovations of aquatic habitats and stocking fish. Opportunities for assisting biologists in the field exist throughout the entire state. Volunteers are also needed with skills outside of fish biology. Individuals skilled in computers, journalism, photography, vehicle/boat maintenance, data entry and other office tasks are very welcome and needed.

If you are interested in assisting the New Mexico Fish & Wildlife Conservation Office accomplish our mission, please contact our Project Leader ( or call (505) 342-9900 ext. 102, or our Assistant Project Leader ( or call (505) 342-9900 ext. 108.

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Last updated: December 10, 2014