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Male Gila trout that danced with Wiese on his lineOttine Dam Removal Will Benefit Fish and Wildlife in San Marcos River

The much anticipated removal of Ottine Dam is here.

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The New Mexico Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office (NMFWCO) works with partners to conduct dependable and accurate research, monitoring and fishery resource inventory activities in the American Southwest.  Resource conservation activities are conducted in all the major river basins of New Mexico including the Rio Grande, Pecos, Gila/Mimbres, and San Juan. 

Activities range from fish community monitoring, habitat restoration monitoring, management of non-native species, augmentation of native populations, and outreach and education.  To accomplish these activities, NMFWCO utilizes various sampling techniques including backpack and raft-mouted electrofishing, seining, and fyke and gill netting.  Work is conducted in both urban areas and in remote locations that are only accessible via rafts or horses and mules.

Activities conducted by NMFWCO address all six of the Fisheries Program Priorties:

  1. Recovery of listed and candidate species.
  2. Restoration of inter-jurisdictional fisheries and aquatic systems.
  3. Management of inter-jurisdictional fisheries.
  4. Fullfilling mitigation obligations.
  5. Restoring depleted aquatic populations to preclude listing.
  6. Providing fish and wildlife management assistance to tribes and on Service lands.

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Last updated: December 12, 2014