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"Our volunteers are individuals who want to give back to their communities, parents who want to be good stewards of the land and set examples for their children, retired people willing to share their wealth of knowledge, concerned citizens of all ages who want to learn more about conservation, and passionate people who enjoy the outdoors and want to spread the word about America's greatest natural treasures."

Learn more about volunteering with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service at

Resident Volunteer Program

A re-invigorated resident volunteer program was created in 2011. The hatchery has two available RV spaces for interested persons that are willing to volunteer. Visit the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Resident Volunteer website, for more information on this opportunity. Contact the hatchery for more information on requirements and availability.

Volunteer Tasks

For several years the Mora NFH has been providing men, women, and students the opportunity to work as a volunteer. The volunteers work in all aspects of the hatchery and play an important role in day-to-day operations. College students looking for experience in fisheries, along with adventurous adults have been among those to volunteer at Mora NFH.

Volunteer stints at the hatchery can last for various amounts of time and begin at several periods throughout the year. However, volunteers are most helpful during the spring and summer months, at which time the spawning season is in full swing. Volunteers work alongside hatchery staff to maintain the facilities and care for the fish. Specific work duties include feeding the fish, cleaning rearing units, grounds maintenance, and visitor services. However, tasks will vary depending on the season.

National Fisheries Friends Partnership

"Fisheries Friends Groups are non-profit organizations that work in partnership with the Service at National Fish Hatcheries, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Offices and Fish Health and Fish Technology Centers. The NFFP will provide a citizen voice and volunteer assistance with the protection and conservation of national aquatic resources for the benefit of present and future generations at Fisheries Program field stations."

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Last updated: December 10, 2014