Southwestern Native Aquatic Resource
and Recovery Center
Southwest Region

Contact Information & Staff

Contact Us

Mailing address:
Southwestern Native Aquatic Resources and Recovery Center
PO Box 219
Dexter, NM 88230

Phone: (575) 734-5910 ext. 110
Fax: (575) 734-6130

Best time to visit is Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Federal Holidays and Weekends - Closed

For directions to the hatchery go to our Visitor Information page.


Directors & Unit Leaders

Manuel Ulibarri - Center Director
Wade Wilson - Assistant Center Director
Martha Keller - Fish Health Unit Lead
William Knight - Fish Culture Lead

Dillon Brown - Research Unit Lead

Fish Health Staff

Marlene Rodarte - Fish Biologist Fish Health
Jason Woodland - Fish Biologist
David Hampton - Fish Biologist
Ashlie Peterson - Fish Biologist
Matthew Bagley - Fish and Wildlife Biologist

Fish Culture Staff

Ian Paige - Fish Biologist
Jesse Trujillo - Fish Biologist
Tyler Sexton - Fish Biologist
Vacant - Animal Caretaker

Research Unit Staff

Vacant - Fish Biologist Genetics
Tracy Diver - Fish Biologist
Vacant - Fish Biologist
Nicholas Bertrand - Fish Biologist
Alexis Harrison - Fish Biologist Genetics

Administrative & Support Staff

Michelle Bell - Administrative Officer
Vacant - Administrative Technician
Casey Booth - Office Assistant

Maintenance Staff

Ricky Delgado - Maintenance Mechanic
Ty Terry – Maintenance Worker
Vacant – Maintenance Worker

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Last updated: December 1, 2017