Alchesay-Williams Creek NFH Complex
Southwest Region

Species on Station

The primary mission of the Williams Creek facility is the rearing of the threatened Apache trout, and is the only facility in the nation to have a captive broodstock of the Apache trout. They also receive rainbow, brook and brown trout eggs from broodstock hatcheries around the country. The Alchesay facility serves as a “grow-out rearing unit” for rainbow, brown trout and Apache trout fingerlings transferred from the Williams Creek facility as 3-6 inch fingerling. Alchesay and Williams Creek hatcheries stock out around 1,00,000 6-10 inch rainbow, brown, brook, and Apache trout annually.

Species at Alchesay-Williams Creek National Fish Hatchery Complex
Common Name Scientific Name Held for
* station serves as emergency refugia, not currently on station
Apache trout Oncorhynchus gilae apache Threatened
Brook trout Onchorynchus fontinalis Sportfish
Brown trout Salmo trutta Sportfish
Rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Sportfish
Loach minnow * Tiaroga cobitis Threatened

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Last updated: July 22, 2015