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State Wildlife Grants



Photo Credit: ODWC

The goal of the State Wildlife Grant Program (SWG) is to conserve wildlife and their habitats. It is funded annually with an appropriation from Congress through the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Grants are available to states and territories and are intended to benefit fish and wildlife "species at risk." The State Wildlife Grant Program provides states with funds to address the conservation needs of non-game species, including reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.


The Southwest states annually receive appropriated funds based on a land and population formula. Participation in SWG requires the state fish and wildlife agency to prepare a Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan by October 1, 2005. The Plan must be statewide and focus on the wildlife species of greatest conservation need. These species may include aquatic species and invertebrates as well as currently listed federal and state wildlife species and other species of concern. The states are required to provide a 25 percent share of matching funds for planning efforts and a 50 percent share to implement programs and projects. All 56 states and territories met the October 1, 2005 deadline and now have approved State Wildlife Action Plans.

black footed ferret
The black-footed ferret is considered to be the rarest mammal in North America.  Photo credit: UFWS.

Projects Using State Wildlife Grants

April 2015
There are many projects using State Wildlife Grants taking place in the Southwest Region. Examples include projects benefiting the Black-footed ferret in Arizona, a post-fire monitoring effort for the narrow-headed garter snake in New Mexico, a distribution study of the Linda's Roadside Skipper (butterfly) in Oklahoma, and an effort to learn more about shark nursery habitat along the Texas Coast.

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State Wildlife Grant Program

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