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Approved Surveyors

These lists contain individuals who we have determined are qualified to conduct surveys for each species. The lists do not include all individuals qualified or authorized to survey for these species. If you select someone not on the pre-approved surveyor list, provide the proposed surveyor’s qualifications to this office 30 days prior to the start of the survey. Send copies of all survey results to this office. If the survey determines that any rare species are present, contact this office to allow us the opportunity to work with you to ensure that a project avoids or minimizes adverse effects to rare species and their habitats. Inclusion of names on this list does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or any other U.S. Government agency. Clicking on a species name will bring up the surveyor information for that species.

NOTE: Items that are in blue bolded text are links to additional information or to additional steps in the process. We recommend that you read the entire step prior to making a selection or following the links.

Project Reviews

Endangered Species
•Species in Oklahoma (PDF)
•What species occur in my project area?
• Species of Concern (PDF)
• Species Fact Sheets

Critical Habitat
• What is it? (PDF)
• Critical Habitat Mapper

General Info:
• Plants and the ESA (PDF)
• Bald Eagle Information
• Wind Energy

Communication Towers
• Service Guidance on the Siting, Construction, Operation and Decommissioning of Communication Towers

• Approved Surveyors
• How to be a Surveyor (PDF)
How long is an animal
..survey valid?
• How long is a plant
..survey valid?

Additional Documents
• BEST Management Practices, Species Watershed Maps, Endangered Species Act, Regulations, etc.

Last updated: April 23, 2019
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