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American Burying Beetle: Additional Information

Status: Endangered (54 FR 29652; July 13, 1989). Critical habitat has not been designated. The Final Recovery Plan was signed on September 27, 1991 (Link to Final Recovery Plan, 7 MB). A 5-Year Review was signed on June 16, 2008 (Link to 5-Year Review, 4 MB)

Species Account: OK ESFO Species Account for ABB (Link to ABB Biology document)

 Important Notice! American burying beetle 2016 update:

The known range of the American burying beetle (ABB) in Oklahoma has been updated. The update is a result of positive survey findings in 2015 along the eastern and western edges of the species' range. This year’s update results in a slight range expansion to the west in Osage, Noble, Pawnee, and Lincoln Counties, totaling 410,898 acres, and smaller expansion in the east (currently identified as potential habitat in IPAC) of 11,875 acres in Craig, Delaware, and Mayes Counties. This update represents a 2.3% expansion of the ABB’s range. Last year, positive survey findings led to a 3.0% (576,738 acre) increase in known range. Since 2014, the known range in Oklahoma has been increased by 5.3 percent (999,511 acres).

The updated range has been uploaded into the Service’s Information Planning and Conservation (IPaC) system, which provides the most current information on threatened and endangered species ranges. A map of the range and description on how the range is designated can be found in the American Burying Beetle Impact Assessment for Project Reviews document on the ABB webpage. Updated geographic information system (GIS) shapefiles also are available on the ABB webpage.

American Burying Beetle Impact Assessment for Project Reviews (March 2016) - PDF

Guidance for project proponents in determining whether their project may affect the ABB for section 7 consultation for Federal projects or may result in take of the ABB for non-Federal projects.

American Burying Beetle Conservation Strategy For the Establishment, Management, and Operations of Mitigation Lands (PDF)

Provides guidance for Federal and non-Federal proponents (conservation bankers, sponsors, mitigation landowners, federal agencies) involved in the establishment, management, and operation of American burying beetle mitigation lands in Region 2 of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service).

For additional information on Conservation Banking, click here.

Section 10 Permittees, and Accidental Death Reporting
  • American Burying Beetle Service Permit Requirements (PDF): This is a description of the required qualifications for obtaining a Section 10 Recovery Permit. General permit information is available HERE. The permit application form for a Section 10 Recovery Permit is available HERE
  • American Burying Beetle Accidental Death Form (PDF): This form is to be filled out by a Section 10 Permitted Biologist when an American burying beetle is accidentally killed.
  • American Burying Beetle Accidental Death Summary Report (MS Excel Spreadsheet): This form is to be completed annually by a Section 10 Permitted Biologist for all American burying beetles accidentally killed. This report must be submitted by October 31 of each year.
American Burying Beetle Oklahoma Presence Absence Live-trapping Survey Guidance (May 2015) - PDF

Guidance for designing and conducting live-trapping presence/absence surveys for the endangered ABB throughout its current and historical range in Oklahoma. These surveys may only be conducted by individuals possessing a valid Federal Fish & Wildlife Permit for scientific recovery of the ABB (Surveyors), as defined under section 10(a)(1)(A) of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), issued by the Service.

ABB OK Presence/Absence Live Trapping Guidance Appendices:

ABB Location Data GIS Shape Files

The following GIS shapefiles will be updated no more often than once per month. Make sure you are using the most recent version, which should be verified by comparing with the species' range in IPaC.

News Media

ABB Conservation in Oklahoma: American Burying Beetle 11/29/2015; OETA SUNUP Oklahoma State University Professor, Dr. Wyatt Hoback talks about the ABB and its role in the ecosystem in this short 6 minute video segment (NOTE: this link and the following link take you to an external web site not part of the FWS domain); the transcript is located here

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