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Environmental Contaminants What We Do...

Pollution Prevention

Contaminants specialists review environmental documents, legislation, regulations, and permits and licenses with pollution potential to ensure that harmful effects on fish, wildlife, and plants are avoided or minimized. Some examples include:

A water quality study done in the field
  • analysis of documents and permits related to control of nonpoint source pollution from agriculture and urban runoff and point source pollution from industrial and municipal waste treatment facilities;
  • review of proposed Federal projects related to mining, agricultural irrigation, range management, and oil and gas development to ensure that habitat quality concerns are adequately addressed;
  • review of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pesticide registration proposals to ensure that potential impacts to fish and wildlife are considered; and,
  • review of pesticide use on Service Refuge lands to ensure these chemicals are properly applied and, in some cases, to recommend the use of acceptable alternatives

This webpage was last modified on: December 21, 2005

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