Ecological Services
Southwest Region

Tools for Landowners

Conservation on Private Lands

Our programs emphasize restoration and conservation activities that support the recovery of federally-listed threatened and endangered species on private lands. Working with a diversity of partners such as private landowners, municipalities, industries, government agencies, tribes, and non-profit organizations, we seek out opportunities where conservation agreements, restoration funding, and technical assistance can help conserve and restore key habitats and ecological functions.

Assistance Available

We provide technical support, guidance, and funding for our partners to help design and implement restoration projects that benefit native species and their habitats. We also assist applicants in the process of developing conservation agreements. Our staff has expertise in wetland and stream ecology, conservation biology, ecosystem management, watershed assessment, land use planning, and the administration of agreements and grants. For more information check out our Partners for Fish and Wildlife page

Creating Balance: Species Protection and Private Property Rights

Habitat Conservation Plans, Safe Harbor Agreements, and Candidate Conservation Agreements are mechanisms under the Endangered Species Act that address the needs of fish, wildlife, and plant species through creative partnerships. The partnerships are devised to reduce conflicts between endangered species and private land management or development.


Last updated: June 25, 2015