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Spill Response

This Web site has been set up to provide some information on response to oil and hazardous materials spills specific to the Southwest Region of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Each Region of the Service as well as many of our National Wildlife Refuges develop Oil and Hazardous Materials Spill Contingency Plans that outline the procedures that we follow in the event of a spill. One of the most important parts of these plans are the lists of individuals within the Service that should be contacted in the event of a spill. This site provides the most current notification list for Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas as well as a brief excerpt from our Regional Spill Contingency Plan below. You will be able to access the overall U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service National Spill Contingency Plan on the Web soon via the National Environmental Contaminants Web site.

Southwest Region Spill Response Contacts

The Southwest Region Oil and Hazardous Substances Spill Contingency Plan sets forth guidelines for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) personnel in Region 2 to follow to ensure safe and effective responses to best protect fish and wildlife resources and their habitats during oil and hazardous substance spills. This plan also serves as a reference document for individuals in State and Federal agencies, oil and gas industries, environmental organizations, and the public. Spills are more easily contained in early stages and near the source. Consequently, this requires immediate notification of appropriate personnel, formulation of response action, and execution of containment and cleanup measures for the protection of our fish and wildlife resources, including migratory birds and their supporting habitats, and National Wildlife Refuges.

These guidelines are compatible with the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP) (40 CFR Part 300) issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), on September 15, 1995, the Federal Region 6 Regional Contingency Plan, and the FWS Spill Response Contingency Plan (FWSRCP) released in April 1996. Additional detail on spill response activities can be found in the FWSRCP. This plan will provide a brief overview on spill response and a comprehensive list of contacts in the FWS's Region 2.

Interim Spill Resonse Plan for coastal Texas

Appendix A - U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) Zones in Texas

Appendix B - FWS ICS Positions for Oil Spill response

Last updated: April 25, 2016