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Freshwater Mussels (Unionidae)

The following information is provided to help you understand the biology, conservation and Federal listing status of freshwater mussels in Texas. Click on the links below to learn more.

Freshwater Mussels - General Information about Central Texas Mussels (4.71 MB, PDF)

Freshwater mussels listed by the State of Texas and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Southwest Region – DRAFT updated December, 2020

-Status Table (196 KB, PDF)

Mussel News

(November 14-15, 2017) Texas Freshwater Mussel Conservation and Stakeholder Summit held in Austin, Texas

- Final Program (1.18 MB, PDF)

- Link to Mussel Summit Presentations

- "Mussel Building" article


(February 10, 2017) Livers of the Rivers: Proactive Stakeholder Collaboration Aims to Benefit Freshwater Mussels in Texas


(October 6, 2011) Service Determines Five Central Texas Mussel Species Warrant Protection Under the Endangered Species Act

News release (146 KB, PDF)

Federal Register Notice (329 KB PDF)

Questions and Answers (290 KB PDF)

Fact Sheet with photos on central Texas mussels (484 KB PDF)

Distribution maps - (1.4 MB PDF)


(December 15, 2009) Service Announces a 90–day Finding on Two Petitions to List Nine Species of Freshwater Mussels

- Federal Register Notice (167 KB PDF)


Other websites with information about mussels in Texas:

Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society, Freshwater Mussels

Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, Texas freshwater mussel research

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Endangered Species and the Economy research funded

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Mussel Watch

2017 Mussel Summit Presentations *

Final Program

  1. Dunn, Heidi - Overview of North American freshwater mussels conservation challenges and opportunities (2.5 MB, PDF)
  2. Zerrenner, Adam - Stakeholder Engagement and the Species Status Assessment process (6.6 MB, PDF)
  3. Roberston, Clint & Pandolfi, Gary - Texas freshwater mussels of conservation concern (2.3 MB, PDF)
  4. Radklev, Dr. Charles - Sampling, survey and relocation methodology (6.5 MB, PDF)
  5. Johnson, Matthew - Case studies mussel surveys, relocation and permitting A (5.5 MB, PDF)
  6. Ford, David - Case studies mussel surveys, relocation and permitting B (5.5 MB, PDF)
  7. Berg, David - Fifteen years of studying the Texas hornshell what we know and what it means (4.7 MB, PDF)
  8. Schwalb, Dr. Astrid - A comparison of three survey methods at sites in Central Texas (52 KB, PDF)
  9. Johnson, Dr. Paul - Overview of freshwater mussel propagation and reintroduction efforts in Alabama (72 KB, PDF)
  10. Berg, Dr. David - Using principles of conservation genetics to inform propagation (7.6 MB, PDF)
  11. Inoue, Dr. Kentaro - Molecular studies and their importance to mussel conservation (4.6 MB, PDF)
  12. Britton, Dr. David - Invasive freshwater mussels in Texas (1.7 MB, PDF)
  13. Able, Joshua and Walker, Dr. Scott - Efforts to establish captive propagation facilities in Central Texas (8.0 MB, PDF)
  14. Birdsong, Tim - Restoring and preserving native fishes and mussles by spawning river conservation stewards (26.2 MB, PDF)
  15. Buczek, Sean - Water quality constituents relevant to freshwater mussels (7.0 MB, PDF)
  16. Bhattarai, Rajendra - Saving mussels with proper wastewater treatment (1.4 MB, PDF)
  17. Stoeckel, Dr. Jim - Effects of sediment and suspended solids on freshwater mussels (3.4 MB, PDF)
  18. Raabe, Steve - Implementing watershed scale best management practices in the San Antonio River basin (5.6 MB, PDF)
  19. Alexander, Dr. Kathy - Overview of environmental flows in Texas (1.9 MB, PDF)
  20. Julian, Dr. Jason - Environmental flow considerations for freshwater mussels (8.0 MB, PDF)
  21. Bonner, Dr. Timothy - Validating environmental flow standards and recommendations in Texas with implications for freshwater mussel monitoring (648 KB, PDF)
  22. Castro, Russel and Wright, Kyle - Watershed conservation initiatives on private lands (2.8 MB, PDF)
  23. Smith, Dr. David - Conservation planning with case studies (2.1 MB, PDF)
  24. Montagne, Mike - Watershed versus species restoration (7.0 MB, PDF)
  25. Watson, Cyndee and Kalmbach, Arlene - Resources for private landowners (24.0 MB, PDF)

*In presentation order


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