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"Conserving the Nature of America"

Last updated: May 8, 2012

Education / Outreach

Carlos H. Mendoza, Lisa Pham, and William Liu
Carlos H. Mendoza, FWS, (left) Lisa Pham, R-6 EPA, and William Liu,
Dept. of Labor - Houston

Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Initiative:

The AAPI initiative, started in 1999, was extended by President George W. Bush in June 2001. The purpose of the initiative is to improve the quality of life for the AAPI community via collaboration, communication, and understanding. Under the auspices of Houston City Councilman Gordon Quan and Region 6 EPA, Dallas, Texas, a group of over 25 Federal, States and local agencies and several Non-Profit Organizations formed ‘Team Houston’ in order to accomplish the AAPI goals.

As a participant on Team Houston, the Clear Lake Ecological Services Field Office has translated two existing brochures into Vietnamese. ‘Conserving the Nature of America’ describes who the FWS is and what we do. ‘Careers’ describes various employment opportunities with FWS.

The Clear Lake ES office has also participated in the Vietnamese New Years celebrations held in January. Carlos H. Mendoza, Lisa Pham, and William Liu are shown working in partnership at the New Years celebration in Houston, Texas.

Outreach / Jobfair

Careers brochure

English Version.pdf

Vietnamese Version.pdf

Conserving the Nature of America brochure

English Version.pdf

Vietnamese Version.pdf


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