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Last updated: May 8, 2012

Rare Plants East Texas

Neches River Rose-Mallow

Neches River Rose-Mallow
Neches River Rose-Mallow - Hibiscus dasycalyx
(Photo by TPWD)

Rose-Mallow : 3-7 feet tall shrubby perennial found in wetland areas in open sun in Cherokee, Houston and Trinity counties in east Texas. The large, showy white to cream-colored flowers with red or purple near the center appear in early-June to August.

Impacted by wetland drainage, conversion of small wetlands to stock ponds, stream channelization, urban and highway development, herbicide use and brush clearing.

Stephen F. Austin State University currently raise plants for reintroduction into Davy Crockett National Forest.  More.

Texas Trailing Phlox

Texas Trailing Phlox
Texas Trailing Phlox - Phlox nivalis ssp. texensis
(Photo by TPWD)

Texas Trailing Phlox: Herbaceous to sub-scrubby evergreen perennial found on deep sandy to sandy-loam soils in open grassy areas of long-leaf pine savannah or mixed pine-hardwood forest in Hardin, Polk and Tyler counties of east Texas. The light-pink to lavender or purple flowers appear in mid-March to May.

Impacted by highway and pipeline construction, urban development, suppression of natural fire, pine plantations and growth of dense mid-story.

Mercer Arboretum/Botanical Gardens in Houston and Pinewood Native Plant Center of Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches currently raise plants for reintroduction sites in Big Thicket National Preserve.  More.

White Bladderpod

White Bladderpod - Lesquerella pallida
White Bladderpod - Lesquerella pallida
(Photo by TPWD)

Annual member of mustard family ranging 2-25 inches high, erect or spreading.   Leaves linear or oblong, and margins smooth, toothed, or wavy.   Basal leaves up to 4 inches long and deeply lobed (on stalks up to 1.5 inches long).   Leaves further up stem are smaller and unlobed.   Flowers April-May.  More.


Texas Prairie Dawn-Flower

Texas Prairie Dawn-Flower - Hymenoxys texana

Member of the sunflower family (Asteraceae).  Single-stemmed or branching annual reaching a height of up to 6 inches.   Basal leaves are spoon-shaped, with entire or toothed margins.

Stem leaves are alternate, narrow with parallel sides, with no or few teeth on margins.   Flowers are yellow and are actually a cluster of flowers less than one half inch long.   Flowers March to early April.   Seeds are cone-shaped and mature April-May.  More.


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