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Mexican Spotted Owl
Recovery Plan Downloads

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Click HERE to view the full Recovery Plan First Revision, December 2012 (5 Mb PDF).

OR download by individual module:

Module 1 – Part I: Recovery Plans and Plan Revisions; Part II: Background

This module contains information regarding recovery plans, the primary differences between the 1995 and this revised recovery plan, summary biological and ecological information regarding the owl, a description of threats, and an assessment of the owl’s current status.

Module 2 – Part III: Recovery Strategy, Goal, Objectives, Criteria

This module contains the recovery strategy, recovery goals and objectives, recovery criteria, information regarding the delisting process, and post-delisting monitoring for the Mexican spotted owl.

Module 3 – Part IV: Recovery Program; Part V: Implementation and Oversight

This module contains an outline which includes abbreviated descriptions of actions recommended to achieve Mexican spotted owl recovery as specified in Part III of the Recovery Plan.

Module 4 – Part VI: Literature Cited

This module contains a list of all literature cited in the Recovery Plan for the Mexican spotted owl, First Revision.

Module 5 – Appendix B: Ecology of the Mexican Spotted Owl

This module provides details on the biology and ecological relationships of the Mexican spotted owl.

Module 6 – Appendix C: Management Recommendations

This module describes the assumptions and guiding principles that aided in development of the management recommendations in the Revised Recovery Plan. This section also includes definitions of and a key to forest types, general management recommendations for protected activity centers and recovery habitat, and threat-specific management recommendations.

Module 7 – Appendix D: Mexican Spotted Owl Survey Protocol

This module includes the most current version of the field survey protocol designed to detect Mexican spotted owls and for surveying in areas where human activities might remove or modify owl habitat, or otherwise adversely affect the species.

Module 8 – Appendix E: Population and Rangewide Habitat Monitoring Procedures

This module includes the frameworks the Recovery Team developed for conducting owl population and rangewide habitat monitoring.

Module 9 – Appendices A, F, G, H, I, J, K

This module includes the list of recovery team members (Appendix A); the laws, regulations, and authorities for recovery plan implementation (Appendix F); current conservation measures and management in the United States and Mexico (Appendix G); the list of acronyms used in the recovery plan (Appendix H); the Latin names for common species names used in the text (Appendix I); the glossary (Appendix J); and, the concurrence letter from the FWS Region 6 Office for the revised recovery plan (Appendix K).

Module 10 – Comment Introduction and Comment Matrix

This module includes an introduction explaining how the Recovery Team responded to comments, and the comment matrix that lists each comment received on the Draft Recovery Plan and the corresponding response.

Last updated: April 25, 2016