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Every Kid Should Have a Creek

I had mine, a little silver rill that spilled through my grandma’s farm in central Georgia. Through the mystical chords of memory I can hear the closing wooden clack of her screen door already five yards behind me as I high-stepped it toward the freedom of the fields and woods. The world was mine to discover and own then; discovering turtles and fish and oaks and the brambles, they all made their mark on my future. Life without an appreciation for nature should be a concern for all people who love the out-of-doors; they will better understand that stewardship of natural things is simply an instinctive part of the human experience. My creek inspired me to pursue conservation as a profession and I have tried to promote the appreciation of nature and conservation whenever possible. Knowing nature steered me down a path in biology and toward a career in conservation, and perhaps nurturing that conservation instinct will inspire young people and students to become better citizens, appreciate our natural resource heritage, and potentially become the conservation leaders of tomorrow.
-- Dr. Benjamin Tuggle, Former Regional Director, Southwest Region, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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Young Voices Demand We Stand for Wildlife video. Credit: Vermont School Commons.

Watch the Vermont School Commons production, "Young Voices Demand We Stand for Wildlife."

The Vermont Comons School engages students with their world. Their programs and curriculums involve the students in local and global issues to help in their journey of self-discovery.

Watch the Vermont Commons School video, "Young Voices Demand We Stand for Wildlife."

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Last updated: March 25, 2019
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