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Meet the Biologist Charrish Stevens
Biologist Cherrise Stevens stands in river with life jacket on. Credit: USFWS.Charris Steven. Credit: USFWS.

Meet the Biologist: If you want to know anything about Texas freshwater mussel conservation, talk to Charrish Stevens! Charrish, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, has over 8 years of experience studying freshwater mussels throughout Texas with an emphasis on Central Texas river systems. She also has another 5 years of experience monitoring mussel populations, surveying, and relocating State threateneed and Federal candidate species at bridge construction sites and water project sites within the Lower Colorado River basin. She actively recruits volunteers from NGOs (Houston ZooMoody Gardens), academia, state and federal agencies (Texas Department of TransportationTexas Parks and Wildlife) to conduct mussel conservation work as a cohesive team! Way to go, Charrish!

Last updated: January 16, 2018