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Great plains. Credit: USFWS.
Great plains. Credit: USFWS.
Great Plains Emphasis Area    

The grassland prairies of the central U.S. are one of the most iconic, and most altered, landscapes on the planet. Once home to a diverse array of wildlife, including bison, pronghorn, prairie dogs, elk and multitudes of grassland birds, the Great Plains have seen dramatic declines as a result of urbanization and development over the past 150 years. Despite these issues, grasslands in this Great Plains Emphasis Area still include an assemblage of more than 2,000 native plant and animal species, making them a priority for conservation.

Pronghorn in grassland. Credit: Tom Koerne, USFWS.
Pronghorn. Credit: Tom Koerne, USFWS.

The Great Plains Emphasis Area Team has identified six habitat types in need of conservation attention: short grass and mixed grass prairies; playa wetlands; riparian streams; prairie rivers; cross-timbers and savannahs; and shrub lands and sand dune systems.


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Brazos River dam removal. Credit: USFWS.   Elk cows in the grasslands of oklahoma. Credit: USFWS.   Playa lakes. Credit: USFWS.
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Last updated: January 16, 2018