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Southeastern crustaceans

The species profiles below are a one-stop-shop for information about the crustaceans the Service's Southeast region is responsible for protecting and/or recovering.

  • A lobster-shaped and colored crayfish with tinges of rust and blue.
    Big Sandy crayfish. Photo by Zachary Loughman, West Liberty University.

    Big Sandy crayfish

    The Big Sandy crayfish is a threatened freshwater crustacean found in streams and rivers in the Appalachian region.  Visit the species profile...

  • A translucent shrimp walking along a rocky surface under water
    Information icon A Kentucky cave shrimp. Photo by John MacGregor, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

    Kentucky cave shrimp

    The Kentucky cave shrimp is an endangered species found only in underground streams in and around Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. It lacks eyes and has a translucent body.  Visit the species profile...

  • A crayfish with brown and white splotches and narrow claws with deep red tips
    Information icon Slenderclaw crayfish (Cambarus cracens). Photo © Guenter Schuster.

    Slenderclaw crayfish

    The slenderclaw crayfish is a relatively small crayfish, ranging from 1 to 1 ½ inches in size. The colors range from olive green to rusty brown.  Visit the species profile...

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