Volunteers in the Southeast
Southeast Region

Tips for Volunteering on a Refuge or Hatchery

Review the following TIPS for becoming a valued Refuge or Hatchery Volunteer:

1. Have a positive attitude and be a team player!

2. Be willing to help where needed. We really need folks who are willing to help out in a variety of areas. Certainly, everyone is not physically able to do all work. Usually, people who are willing to fill in where needed really become a part of the "refuge/hatchery team" and are the first folks to come to mind when special opportunities arise.

3. Don't focus on your personal agenda. Volunteer because you want to help the refuge or hatchery - not because you plan to run them. It's certainly okay to have your own ideas about what type of volunteer work you want to do. And, it's fine to say "no" to some requests from the staff. Always feel free to give your opinion on anything, but don't be offended if your idea isn't used.

4. Make sure the refuge or hatchery knows your talents. It's amazing how many times we have needs and volunteers have skills that would meet those needs, but we're just not aware of the skills (and maybe they're not aware of the needs!)

5. For safety's sake, make sure to clearly outline any special limitations or needs you may have.

6. Join a Friends Group. Most refuges and hatcheries have a Friends Group. Visit www.fws.gov/southeast/friends for a list of Friends Groups in the Southeast Region. Volunteers have a vested interest in the refuge or hatchery and make great members for their support groups.

For addtional information contact:
Sallie Gentry, Southeast Region Volunteer Coordinator
Phone (404) 679-7293, Fax (404) 679-7256
1875 Century Blvd., Suite 420
Atlanta, Georgia 30345

Last Updated: 6/24/13