Volunteers in the Southeast
Southeast Region

Resident Volunteers

"RV's" are volunteers who provide their own "homes" (usually in the form or some sort of recreational vehicle, ranging from a fifth wheel with slides to a pop-up camper or a van). The agency (or host) provides a variety of support amenities, usually including a pad with septic, water, and electricity hook-ups. The volunteers set up "housing-keeping" on the refuge or hatchery for a pre-determined length of time and contribute a predetermined number of hours of volunteer service each week.

Check out the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Resident Volunteer Opportunities page to dicover what refuges and hatcheries have resident program!

Sallie Gentry, Southeast Region Volunteer Coordinator
Phone (404) 679-7293, Fax (404) 679-7256
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Last Updated: 6/24/13